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Safari Zone

Bear Zone / Lion Zone / Tiger Zone / Cheetah Zone / Elephant Zone / Herbivorous Animal Zone (reticulated giraffe, white rhinoceros etc.) / Mountainous and Herbivorous Animal Zone (wapiti, American bison, Barbary sheep etc.)

In your car

A Safari Zone tour in your own car costs you only the park admission fees.

  • Fuji Safari Park assumes no responsibility for any possible damage to your car by animals.
  • Please leave your pets at the pet sitting service station.
  • If you come in trucks, convertibles, canvas-topped vehcles or on motorbikes, please use our bus services within the park.

Please obey the following rules.

Safari Zone rules

The park will not be liable for any damage to your car that may be caused by the animals.
The park will not be liable for accidents caused when these rules are not followed.

  • Lock your doors. Do not leave your vehicle or open your window or sunroof under any circumstances.
    Herbivorous zones are dangerous so make sure you follow these instructions in all areas.
  • In case of emergency (flat tires, collisions, vehicle breakdowns, urgent toilet needs) , use the horn to attract a ranger's attention.
  • Do not use smart phones while driving!
  • There is an indoor area where pets may be left as well as an outdoor area. The outdoor area is free of change.
  • Do not leave the paved road.
  • Do not show or give any food to the animals.
  • Use the rest room before entering the Safari Zone.
  • Please follow the rangers' instructions in the Safari Zone.

Jungle Bus

The jungle bus allows you to see wild animals up close and feed them through the wire-netted windows of the bus.

Charge : 1,300 yen

  • Children aged 2 or under may ride free of charge.
  • Please buy tickets at the information center beside the admission ticket office. (Bus tickets can be sold out early in the day on weekends or national holidays.)

Safari Navigation Car

You can get a close look at wild animals in one of the Fuji Safari Park ranger's 4WD vehicles equipped with a navigation device.
You can also enjoy off-road driving in these vehicles and you can even feed some animals.

Charge : 5,000 yen (5 people / 7 people)

  • Navigation Cars are not accompanied by an attendant. The driver must have a valid driver's license.

Fureai Zone

This is a zone for feeding and playing with cute animals.
The zone is divided into two sections : Fureai Bokujo (Petting Zoo) and Doubutsu Mura (Animal Village).

Fureai Bokujo (Petting Zoo filled with friendly animals)

Enjoy very special experiences that only Fuji Safari Park can offer, and take the great memories home !

Here, you can experience pony riding and a miniature ranch.
You can also see meerkats, warthogs, red kangaroos and dikdiks in this area.

Doubutsu Mura (Walk-Through Animal Village)

Make friends with various kinds of animals, from those you know well to many you may never have seen before.You can touch and feed some of these animals.

Lycaon (African wild dog) / Leopard / Hippopotamus / Striped hyena / Cape hyrax / African porcupine / Ring-tailed lemur / Alpaca / Common squirrel monkey / Bennett's wallaby / Rabbit / Guinea pig

The House of Cats

Cats are the masters of this house.
Here, you can play with lovely cats from around the world.

Charge : 500 yen

  • Children under 3 years of age are not allowed to enter.

The House of Dogs

Several small breeds of dogs are in this house.
Find your favorite one !

Charge : 500 yen

  • Children under 3 years of age are not allowed to enter.

The House of Rabbits

This house is full of cute little rabbits that are popular as pets.
Come and relax among these furry little creatures.

Charge : 500 yen

  • for visitors aged 3 or over.

Food & Shop

Safari Restaurant





Take Out Food

Safari Shop

Admission (Consumption tax included)

Adults (high school students and older) 2,700yen
Children (ages 4 to junior high school students) 1,500yen
Senior discount (ages 65 and older) 2,000yen

  • For groups of 15 or more : Adults 2,000yen / Children 1,000yen

  • Rates for persons with disabilities : Visitors with disabilities are admitted at half price. (Please be ready to present your disability certificate)

  • Parking is free.

Admission Hours (Open daily throughout the year.)

From Mar.11 to Oct.31 9:00 to 16:30
From Nov.1 to Mar.10 10:00 to 15:30

  • When congestion is expected, the park may be opened earlier.
  • Fuji Safari Park will not be liable for any damage to your vehicle caused by the animals.
  • If you bring a pet, please leave it at the Pet Checking Office.
  • If you come by truck, convertible, canvass-topped vehicle or motorcycle, please use our bus services within the park.
  • Entry to certain areas of the safari zone may be prohibited due to weather conditions or the conditions of the animals.


Public transport


Click on the map to enlarge.

  • Tomei Expressway (about 10km from Susono exit)
  • Tomei Expressway (about 18km from Gotenba exit)
  • Tomei Expressway (about 22km from Fuji exit)
  • Shin tomei Expressway (about 18km from Shinfuji exit)

Coming from the direction of Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Yamanaka.

  • Higashi Fujigoko Toll Road (about 25km from Subashiri exit)


  • I am a foreign tourist. Is there any tax-free shops in the park?
  • Tax-free shopping is available at Safari Shop.
  • I am a foreigner and live in Japan for one year. Am I eligible for tax-free shopping?
  • You are not eligible, if staying in Japan more than six months, or are parmanent resident.
  • Do I need my passport for tax-free shopping? (I left it at hotel)
  • Yes, you need to bring your passport.
  • Can I send the souvenirs to the airport?
  • Delivery service is available. Please ask our staff at Safari Shop.
  • I work at U.S. military base. Am I eligible for tax-free shopping?
  • You are not eligible, if staying in Japan more than six months, or are parmanent resident.Your family members are eligible if they are on a short visit to Japan.
  • Can I use credit cards?
  • Yes. JCB, VISA, Master Card, Diners Club, TS CUBIC, UC Card, Discover Card, American Express are accepted.
    • At the toll booth, credit card and electronic money can not be used due to system improvement from March 10 to the end of March. Please note that you will pay in cash.
  • Can I pay by electronic money?
  • No, we only accept Japanese yen or credit cards.
  • Do you accept any point cards?
  • No, we do not accept any point cards.
  • Can I open the package and eat/drink what I bought in Safari Shop?
  • No. If you break the package, you will have to additionally pay consumption tax.
  • Is Wi-Fi available at Safari Shop?
  • No. Wi-Fi is available at Free Rest Station near Rest Room in No.1 Car Parking.
  • How much can I save?
  • Japanese consumption tax of 8%.
  • How much do I need to spend?
  • General Goods (stuffed toy, stationary, clothing, etc.) for 10801 yen or more (consumption tax included).
    Consumables (food, drink, cigarette, electric battery, etc.) for 5401 yen or more (consumption tax included).
  • Is there any other tax-free shops nearby?
  • Yes, we have map of neibouring tax-free shops.
  • Do you have a list of tax-free products?
  • No, but we have some tax-free products listed on our web page.
  • Can I exchange foreign currency to Japanese yen?
  • No, and we only accept Japanese yen for payment.