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  • 9:00~16:30


70 species and approximately 900 animals roam freely in expansive nature at the foot of Mount Fuji.
The animals in the Safari Zone live in an environment similar to their natural habitat,
while in the Fureai Zone (petting zoo area) customers can observe animals up close and feed some of them.

  • Bear


  • Lion


  • Tiger


  • Cheetah


  • Elephant


  • Zebra


  • American bison

    American bison

  • Lesser panda

    Red Panda

Safari Zone

As well as going through the Safari Zone in your own car, you can also choose to take a Jungle Bus from which you are able to feed some of the animals. The Jungle Bus has no windows but is covered with steel mesh through which you can feed lions, bears and animals in the herbivore area. Large animals approach the bus seeking food and can be as close as 20 cm to bus passengers! All that is between you and the animals is the steel mesh, so you can even feel their breath.

Safari bus

Fureai Zone

As well as being able to feed animals such as leopards, hippos and porcupines, and being able to observe rare animals such as lycaons (African wild dogs) and lesser pandas at close range, visitors can also experience horse riding.


Park Map

Safari Zone

Take this 50-minute-long driving course with Mt. Fuji for a background.
Animals from all over the world roam freely and leisurely in seven different zones.

Fureai Zone

The Fureai Zone is divided into two areas, the Fureai Bokujo (Petting Zoo) and Doubutsu Mura (Animal Village).
Visitors can observe and feed rare and cute animals here.

※ Some animals may not be available for viewing due to the physical condition of the animals or inclement weather.


You can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from various locations in the park.

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  • 2 fujiview02
  • 3 fujiview03
  • 4 fujiview04
  • 5 fujiview05


We have a variety of food available at restaurants, and take-out stalls within the park.

Safari Shop

We have a wide array of excellent goods, including original snacks, animal-themed goods, and African folk crafts.

Tax Free

foreign visitors can take advantage of tax-free
shopping in the Safari Shop.
We have a large assortment of original goods,
such as snacks, drinks, stuffed animals,
T-shirts, character goods, etc...
We hope you enjoy your visit and shopping.